Main Information about Levitra

What Drug Is Levitra?

Levitra is a medicine used to treat erectile dysfunction of various etiology. Its main active ingredient is Vardenafil, and under the trademark Levitra it is produced by the German pharmaceutical company Bayer Pharma AG. For those, who want to know when was Levitra approved, the answer is the following: in the US, Levitra received the FDA label in 2003. It is the main guarantor of the quality and safety of this drug under the conditions of use, and also testifies to the legal purity of its manufacturer. Precise Levitra FDA approval date is 8/19/2003. With detailed information: statistical studies, medical and chemical reviews, Levitra drug classification, pharmacology of Levitra, Lipinski properties of Levitra, as well as administrative documents relating to the approval and registration of this medicine in the United States, anyone can get acquainted on the FDA website at the link

levitra bayerThe Bayer patent for Levitra has expired on October 31, 2018. The end of patent protection means that other pharmaceutical companies, in addition to Bayer AG, have obtained the right to manufacture drugs with a composition similar to that of Levitra, only sold under other trade names. Such drugs are known as generics or analogues. Some of them are very popular and even approved by the FDA.

Patients are often interested in what drug class is Levitra, seeking to find out the basic principles of its action and the Levitra therapeutic class. Levitra is an inhibitor of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE-5), its effect on sexual function is associated with nitrogen oxide NO. The use of Levitra causes relaxation of smooth muscle cells of the cavernous arteries, increased blood flow in the cavernous bodies of the penis and, as a consequence, strong erection. Levitra drug category (PDE-5 inhibitors) includes other well-known medicines for combating erectile dysfunction, such as Viagra and Cialis.

According to Lipinski's five rule (which states that in order for a chemical compound to be similar to a drug, it must: have less than five hydrogen bond donor atoms; have a molecular weight less than 500; have lipophilicity less than 5; have a total of not more than 10 nitrogen and oxygen atoms), the chemical formula of Levitra is biologically promising and characteristic of a highly active compound.

For Which Purposes Is Levitra Used?

In addition to applying directly to the intended purpose (with too weak erection or its absence), Vardenafil (Levitra®) is also used to prolong sexual intercourse and to combat premature ejaculation. Numerous reviews of patients show that taking Levitra before sex can significantly postpone ejaculation, and in fact, too fast ejaculation is the second most common violation of potency. Thus, this medicine is an effective means for getting rid of ED and prolonging sex.

Levitra is available in the form of tablets for oral use with various dosages of the main active ingredient: 5, 10 and 20 mg of Vardenafil in one pill. The medication must be accompanied by instructions. Levitra patient brochures contain recommendations for use, lists of contraindications, side effects and other useful Levitra info.

The drug Levitra should not be taken without first studying the contraindications and side effects. It is also useful to familiarize yourself with the mechanism of action of this medication in order to learn what Levitra does for you, and to get answers to popular questions, such as does Levitra give you an automatic hard on or is Levitra used in bodybuilding.

So, the main area of application of Levitra is the treatment of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. However, other uses of Levitra include use in order to diversify sexual life, prolonging sexual intercourses. Some bodybuilders take Levitra in order to gain more muscle mass and increase blood oxygen saturation. However, be careful: in the absence of symptoms of impaired potency, the prophylactic use of this medication doesn’t make sense and can be harmful to the body.

Does Levitra cure erectile dysfunction? In most cases it does. If the violations of potency are caused by problems with the blood supply to the penis (the so-called vascular cause) or psychological complexes, use of Levitra will most likely allow you to get rid of erectile dysfunction. Previously, these pills were taken mainly on demand, that is, irregularly, but now doctors are gradually coming to the conclusion that taking this medicine in courses may be more useful.

The largest dosage, Levitra 20 mg, is used for treating severe ED. For combating more mildly pronounced disease 10 or 5 mg pills are more suitable.

Levitra In Men’s Health – Tips For Taking

Levitra Symptoms

Generic Viagra Indian manufacturerAs we have already mentioned, the main diagnosis for Levitra is erectile dysfunction. It is the most common Levitra drug indication. There are other symptoms that may indicate the need for taking this drug. So, if you are wondering, will Levitra aid me with premature ejaculation, the answer to it will be in most cases positive, despite the fact that Levitra is not a specialized drug to combat this potency disorder. The active ingredient of this drug contributes to the delayed onset of orgasm. Some patients who don’t seek long-lasting sex don’t like it, but for others, on the contrary, this property becomes a real salvation. Why using Levitra instead of a special med against premature ejaculation, like Dapoxetine? If the disease is not severe, Vardenafil (Levitra) is more preferable, since it causes less side effects and has less contraindications.

A bit more complicated is the situation when the patient wonders, will Levitra help psychologically from jerking off too much. On the one hand, taking these pills increases a man’s confidence that he is expected to have successful sex with a woman, and therefore there is no sense in indulging in jerking. On the other hand, some patients prefer to understand how the medicine works alone, and resort to masturbation, which brings them more pleasant sensations than before, and if the man doesn’t have a regular partner, he can start to engage in self-satisfaction even more often than before. It all depends on the individual.

Does Levitra require prescription?

Do you need prescription for Levitra? In the US, this is a prescription medication, but if you are really willing to get it without prescription and wonder, is Levitra available over the counter, there is a real possibility to buy this medicine without visiting a doctor and getting the official paper. You have to make an order in one of numerous online pharmacies, which in most cases don’t require prescription. Also, if you make an order from abroad, the paper from the doctor may not be needed either.

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Levitra Without ED

It is no secret that men like to experiment with sex, and the concept of an experiment includes not only changing poses or partners, but also taking certain medications. It happens that a man doesn’t suffer from symptoms of erectile dysfunction, but he wonders how intake of Levitra would affect his potency. But one may be afraid, can taking Levitra cause impotence when it’s not needed to improve potency? Will Levitra work if you don’t actually have erectile dysfunction? Here everything is individual. Some men report only the appearance of side effects, others feel that sexual intercourse has lasted longer than usual or that the erection was stronger.

Reception of Levitra in the absence of signs of pronounced impotence can be useful from a psychological point of view, preventing its occurrence because of complexes and self-doubt. On the other hand, the use of this medication in the absence of objective indications for use may not lead to any tangible result besides side effects and unpleasant sensations associated with them.

Who Should Not Take Levitra?

The question, is Levitra safe for young adults, is often discussed at men’s forums and other resources of this kind. If you are older than 18, you can use this med without harm for your health (of course, if you follow all recommendations for use given in the instruction). Levitra age limit is simply absent: both very young and old adult men can use this medicine. A big prejudice is the opinion that tablets to increase potency are in demand only among older men. If you have troubles with erection and wonder, should I take Levitra at 25 years old, the answer is positive. Taking these pills will allow you not to develop real ED. The medicine is not intended for use in persons under 18 years of age.

However, older patients should not use the largest dosage (20 mg) because of the risk of a large load on the cardiovascular system.

Levitra contraindications include conditions in which sexual activity is not recommended (for example, cardiovascular diseases such as unstable angina pectoris or acute heart failure), as well as severe disorders of the liver and kidneys, arterial hypotension, poor blood clotting and a tendency to priapism.

Does Levitra Affect Women?

Quite often men wonder, can women use Levitra pills, what does Levitra do to a woman’s body, will Levitra arouse a woman. Of course, adult people can try to take whatever medicines they want, but there is no point in using Levitra by women. This medicine has been developed specifically for men according to their physiology. The maximum effect that a woman can feel after taking Vardenafil is a faster onset of arousal in the presence of sexual stimulation, and still it is rather a placebo effect because the cavernous bodies of the clitoris are too small to respond to Vardenafil. Levitra for females simply doesn’t exist.

Action of Levitra

When a man takes a pill of Levitra, time is needed for it to absorb into blood and to start acting. On average, it takes from half an hour to one hour for the medicine to manifest its effect. How long does erection last with Levitra? Levitra affects duration of male arousal, making it last longer. If you are interested, how long does 20mg Levitra keep you hard, researches have shown that on average after intake of a 20 mg pill erection lasts about 35 minutes. The answer to the frequently asked question, does Levitra make penis bigger, is negative – it may just seem so because of increased blood supply. It is important to mention that Levitra itself does not make you high, since it is not an aphrodisiac. Cialis and Levitra don’t increase testosterone level, as well as other PDE-5 inhibitors.

Does Levitra help to shorten recovery period? This is really so, you can even orgasm and stay erect with Levitra.

Levitra stays in the body for about 5 or 6 hours, depending on the dose you take and your weight. 8 hours after the intake, no remains of the drug can be found in your organism.

Is It Safe To Take Levitra?

Levitra safety is an issue which is of interest mostly to men who only start taking it. Levitra is good for improving erection and combating premature ejaculation, but only until you follow all the advice given in the instruction for use. Carefully study it before taking the medicine. With long-term use, this drug is not addictive, so the patient doesn’t have to worry that he would not be able to have sex when he stops taking Levitra.

Pay attention to the compatibility of Levitra with other drugs. For example, you should never mix Levitra or other ED drugs with nitrate-containing medicines. Don’t exceed the daily dosage of 20 mg, and the drug will return you the joy of sexual life.

Why Don’t I Get An Erection with Levitra?

Sometimes it happens that a man gets no results from Levitra. There can be no universal answer to the question, why doesn’t Levitra work for me. The reason for this may be that you don’t really have ED, or its cause is not of vascular nature, but is connected, for example, with a hormonal disorder. Slow reaction to Levitra may be due to a large amount of food consumed before taking the pill.

If Levitra 10 mg doesn’t work for you, try taking a 20 mg pill. If there is still no result, it would be better to consult an urologist, no matter how negative is your attitude to visiting such doctors.

Best results with Levitra can be achieved if you don’t eat too much before taking it, don’t mix it with alcohol and are not too nervous. You may wonder, what does an erection with Levitra look like, how do you know if Levitra is working. Erection on Levitra is usually stronger than your ordinary one, your penis may seem bigger, and it can be hard to cum – at least, sexual act is long. There are practically no reports about Levitra losing effectiveness even after a long course of treatment.

Levitra overdose symptoms include severe headache, pain in back muscles, rapid heartbeat. However, even if you take too much, most probably you won’t feel so bad as to say “Levitra almost killed me”.