General Information about The Rules of Taking Levitra

levitra pillDue to certain problems with potency, you decided to try to take Levitra. In order for this medicine to benefit you and work properly, you need to be familiar with proper way to take Levitra. Taking Levitra first time, of course you don’t know which dosage will be optimal for you. Therefore, an average dosage (10 mg) is recommended, which you can adjust based on an assessment of your condition. If starting dose of Levitra you took was 5 mg, you should be prepared for the fact that you might not be able to track the exact moment when the drug starts to act due to its milder effect.

It should be mentioned that Levitra is not a schedule medicine, since most often it is taken on demand. However, some modern experts are inclined to believe that the daily intake of Levitra in a small dosage (5 mg) has a more positive effect on potency than the irregular intake of these pills in a larger dosage.

Sometimes you may face customer reviews which start like “I put Levitra pill under my tongue and it started acting immediately”. There really exist generics of Levitra which are produced in form of soft pills that dissolve in the mouth, the effect of which manifests itself very quickly. They are very convenient, since there is no need to take Levitra dissolving tablets with water, a pill should be just placed under the tongue. However, original (branded) medicine is manufactured only in form of ordinary pills for swallowing with water, and there is no sense in trying to dissolve or chew them.

Detailed directions for Levitra use you will find in the instruction. Please note: when buying branded Levitra, there must be an instruction in the box, otherwise it can be suspected that the medicine has been forged.

How To Improve Effectiveness of Levitra?

Some men who are not completely satisfied with the effect of Levitra are interested in how to make Levitra work better. There are a couple of lifehacks that allow you to squeeze the maximum out of this medication. When and how should Levitra be taken to be most effective? The most effective way to take Levitra is to do it on an empty stomach – then the active substance quicker absorbs into blood and starts acting earlier. In addition, its action may be longer than after a heavy meal. One who wonders, how to get best results with Levitra, should also remember that to increase the duration of an erection, it is advisable not to engage in self-satisfaction for at least 12 hours before sexual intercourse with a partner. It will also shorten the refraction period and allow you to perform two or three times in a row.

Taking Levitra Before Sex

Very often men wonder, how long does it take for Levitra to take effect, or how long does it take for Levitra to kick on for a hard on. It is recommended to take a pill about half an hour before sex, but this does not mean that it will take effect as soon as this period expires. Some patients earlier feel the onset of effect, and others – a little later. The onset of action may be very rapid within 10 minutes, according to the results of a multinational study. Therefore, the answer to the question, how long before sex to take Levitra, is very individual. In addition, an erection will appear faster if you sexually stimulate yourself or foreplay with your partner. If you are not excited, at all, Levitra will not be able to provide you with an erection.

After two or three intakes of this medication, you will be able to derive Levitra optimum timing for you yourself. Note: on average, Levitra peak effect time comes an hour and a half after taking the pill. If you are switching to Levitra from Cialis, time between doses of these two medicines should be at least 24 hours, in order for Cialis to completely get out of the system.

How long does Levitra last after taking it? After you feel that the tablet you have taken has begun to act, you don’t have to worry: the time that it acts will be enough for any sex games that are possible. Very rarely, Levitra acts less than 4.5 hours, on average it is active from five to six hours.

Influence of food on the action of the drug depends on when is Levitra taken –right after the meal or later. If at least two hours passed after the meal, the action of Vardenafil is not likely to appear slower than on an empty stomach.

How Often Can You Take Levitra?

The maximum daily dose of Levitra for a healthy middle-aged man is 20 mg. Calculating, how many Levitra you can take, keep in mind that in presence of problems with the work of cardiovascular system and some other accompanying illnesses the maximum dose of Levitra per day should be reduced to 10 mg of Vardenafil.

Taking Levitra two days in a row is not a problem, because this medicine completely leaves your organism within one day. In fact, this allows regular use of Levitra. However, if you wonder, can I take two Levitra in one day with a pause between the pills, for example, a 5 mg pill in the morning and a 10 mg pill in the evening, this is not what we would recommend you to do. Refills of Levitra may cause strong side effects.

Daily Use of Levitra

Men who suffer from severe erectile dysfunction often worry, is it safe to take Levitra every day. Taking Levitra every day is not dangerous for your health, if such regular intake is what you need for keeping your potency at a decent level. The main condition which should be observed is to take Levitra once a day. If you use this scheme of treatment, be sure to take not more than 5 mg of Vardenafil every day. This will allow to achieve a significant improvement in potency without putting an excessive load on the body.

Daily Levitra optimum time is at the same time every day, preferably in the evening. Such a regimen allows to achieve a high concentration of the active substance in the patient’s body at a time when there is the greatest likelihood of sex.

How Long Can You Store Levitra?

The term of storage of Levitra is 3 years. Is expired Levitra safe to take? If the expiration date ended quite recently, for example, a month or two ago, there will be nothing criminal in taking such a pill. After all, the shelf life doesn’t end suddenly and abruptly, as if the switch was turned. However, be careful when taking outdated Levitra, because it is unlikely that 4 year old Levitra stills works like a fresh medication. Expired Levitra is OK to take only if you are ready to risk to some extent. The answer to the question, how long does Levitra last after expiration, depends also on storage conditions of the drug: if the pills were kept in the drawer of the bedside table, they would be more likely still effective than if you found them in a pocket of your coat, which was exposed to temperature and humidity drops. If the integrity of the blister is broken, it is better to throw away the pill, it will almost certainly not act due to exposure to adverse environmental conditions.

Please note that even Levitra with not expired shelf life and unbroken integrity of the package is not recommended to be used if it has been exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.

Levitra: After Food, On Empty Stomach, With Alcohol

Patients often wonder, should they take Levitra with or without food? If you decide to take Levitra on empty stomach, keep in mind that though its action can manifest itself sooner and be more pronounced, at the same time you may feel more pronounced side effects. Levitra on a full stomach acts not so quickly and its effect can be manifested weaker, but you will not suffer from pain in the stomach or severe headache. If you can’t boast of a strong digestive system, the best option for you would be to take a pill after a light meal. Taking Levitra with food, take into consideration that it may take longer than usual for the pill to start acting.

Mixing Levitra and alcohol is possible, but only if the latter is present in small quantities. For example, Levitra with wine (one or two glasses) will not harm you. However, if you have emptied half a bottle of whiskey, don’t even think of taking Levitra afterwards. This combination will lead to a huge load on the cardiovascular system, which may even provoke a heart attack or stroke. In addition, an erection may not improve at all, because alcohol has an inhibitory effect on sexual function. Be careful taking Levitra with alcohol, don’t resort to this combination often.

Risks with Levitra

levitra with careAs with any other serious drug, there are a number of certain risks when taking Levitra. Some patients ask, how safe is it to take Levitra 10 mg every day? There are no such long term risks of Levitra use, as development of psychological or physical dependence on the active ingredient of this drug. The fear of such addiction is a kind of a “scarecrow” for many patients who need treatment for erectile dysfunction and who don’t dare to start taking the necessary pills because of lack of the information they possess. Human body doesn’t get used to Levitra. However, doctors don’t advise taking Levitra every day, it is better to periodically make pauses at least for one or two days. Then you will be able to evaluate whether you still need to take the medicine, or the erection has already improved so much that you can do without pills so as not to exert excessive load on the liver, kidneys and other organs involved in the absorption of the active substance.

An interesting situation concerns mixing Levitra and grapefruit, as well as other citrus fruits. You should not take this medicine with citrus fruits or their juice. Grapefruit and other citrus fruits contain the enzyme furanocoumarin. This enzyme is very long broken down in the liver, slowing down the processing and elimination of the active substance of Levitra from the body. As a result, more drug gets into the blood than needed.

According to the Journal of the Canadian Medical Association, taking one Levitra pill with a dosage of 10 mg in combination with only 50 milliliters of grapefruit juice can eventually lead to a real overdose, causing an increase in the concentration of the drug in the blood by 200% and more than three times slowing its elimination from the organism. Therefore, at a romantic dinner, give preference to other fruits, like harmless bananas or apples.

Sometimes bodybuilders use Levitra as a pre-workout NO (nitric oxide) pump supplement. This is a misuse of the drug, which urologists don’t approve. However, if you have a well-trained cardiovascular system and no contraindications to Vardenafil, this medicine will not cause any tangible harm to you besides side effects such as headache or stuffy nose. Nevertheless, we recommend not using Levitra and other PDE-5 inhibitors as additives to increase sports results.

Talking about treatment precautions of Levitra, keep in mind the following points: in order for the medicine not to harm your health, don’t exceed the dosage of 20 mg per day, and pay attention to unexpected changes in health and severe side effects, such as tachycardia, headache, etc. If you experience chest pain after taking the drug, as well fainting, it is recommended to consult a doctor immediately.

This article was reviewed by George Abdelsayed, MD