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If the fate has developed so that you have faced erectile dysfunction, you don’t need to let the disease take its course, on the contrary – it is necessary to begin its treatment as soon as possible. From this article you can learn about a modern, effective and non-expensive medicine called Vidalista, which will help you restore your potency in the shortest possible time, and about a number of its interesting features and advantages. Vidalista is a Tadalafil generic (the most famous medicine with this active substance is Cialis). Despite its many positive properties, this medicine should not be taken uncontrollably, because it has a number of serious restrictions and contraindications for use, which must be reviewed before purchasing. You will find them below in this text. You will also learn from this material how you can buy quality Vidalista 20 mg online, and get acquainted with the spread of prices for this medication.

How Tadalafil Combats Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, also referred to as ED, is a pathological condition of male reproductive system in which a man can’t achieve or maintain an erection of the penis sufficient for a normal sexual act. Erectile dysfunction can be of both physiological and psychological etiology.

Modern medicine for the treatment of ED uses mainly PDE-5 inhibitors, produced in the form of tablets. They affect the natural mechanism of erection, blocking the production of the phosphodiesterase type 5 enzyme, expanding the blood vessels of cavernous bodies of the penis and leading to an increased supply of blood to this organ.

The active ingredient Tadalafil is one of the most popular drugs in this group. It is the active substance of brand-name medicine Cialis, produced by the American pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly. In addition to this drug, there are many generics of Tadalafil – analogues of Cialis with the same active ingredient and similar properties.

Due to the fact that generics are made at a much lower cost of money than the original medicine, their cost for final customers is usually significantly lower, respectively, they are available to a wider number of patients.

What Is Vidalista

Vidalista 20 is a generic medicine for combating erectile dysfunction. The main active ingredient of this drug is Tadalafil, a PDE-5 inhibitor. The med is produced in form of oval dark yellow pills, 10 in the blister, placed in a cardboard box. Each pill contains Tadalafil in the dosage of 20 mg. The manufacturer of this drug is an Indian pharmaceutical company Centurion Laboratories, which is known for its high-quality generic drugs for the treatment and prevention of sexual disorders in men. The headquarters of this company is located in the state of Gujarat. It has more than ten years of successful activity behind its shoulders: 2006 is the date of foundation of the company. Vidalista is very popular and is widely prescribed by the doctors in India for treating ED.

Vidalista is used to treat erectile dysfunction caused by physical or psychological causes, as well as their combination. In addition, this drug is used successfully to treat premature ejaculation. Also, many patients note that taking these pills helps to increase the duration of sexual acts and their number over the course of one night.

About half an hour or an hour after taking the pill, when the main part of the active substance is absorbed into the blood, its effect occurs, but only if the man is sexually aroused or experiences sexual stimulation. It is expressed as the occurrence of a strong erection caused by increased blood supply of the penis, which is preceded by inhibition of the enzyme PDE-5 and relaxation of smooth muscles in the arteries of the penis.The Vidalista 20mg is produced in form of oval dark yellow pills, 10 in the blister

The duration of action of this drug varies depending on the individual characteristics of the patient’s body, but on average, the maximum concentration of Tadalafil is observed in the blood for six to eight hours. However, unlike all other PDE-5 inhibitors, this substance is not excreted from the body for at least 36 and sometimes 48 hours, and all this time it is much easier for a man to achieve a strong erection. The drug is very comfortable to use, since one pill is enough for at least a day of increased sexual activity. Moreover, if it so happened that the man did not have sexual intimacy with anyone or did not engage in masturbation, he would not experience any unpleasant sensations, like heightened sexual desire, sexual dissatisfaction, increased nervous excitement. Patients who had the opportunity to compare the effect of several drugs for the treatment of ED, noted that Vidalista 20 has a milder effect on the body than Cialis, and is characterized by fewer latent effects, despite the rather high dosage.

It happens that patients are suspicious of using generics, doubting that they work as effectively as the original medicine. However, there can be only one answer to the question “does Vidalista 20 work”, and it is yes. There is no difference either in the mechanism of action, or in the severity of the effect of such a generic med as Vidalista 20.

Rules for Using Vidalista 20mg

Some patients who have selected this medicine wonder – what dose of Vidalista 20 should they take to maintain erection? One pill of Vidalista contains 20 mg of the active substance, and this dosage should not be exceeded during one day. It is strictly prohibited to take Vidalista 20 two or more times a day.

Reflecting on the issue, when to take Vidalista, it should be kept in mind that despite the prolonged effect, Tadalafil has the greatest impact on the male organism within four to seven hours after the intake. Accordingly, it will be optimal if during this time sexual intercourse is committed.

Please note that, unlike all other PDE-5 inhibitors, Vidalista can be taken after eating any amount of food, including greasy – this does not affect the absorption of the active substance into the blood and does not slow down the onset of its effect. It is acceptable to combine Vidalista 20 mg with a moderate amount of alcohol, but don’t overdo with it: excess of ethyl alcohol inhibits sexual function so much that no pills can bring your penis into an erect state.

The good news for patients is that Vidalista doesn’t cause either physical or psychological addiction, and can be taken for an unlimited time if erectile dysfunction cannot cured quickly.

If you periodically experience difficulties in bed, it is recommended to take a pill of Vidalista on demand, that is, sometime before the sexual intercourse. However, if problems with erection are permanent, the best option would be to take pills every day in courses lasting from two to five months. It is strongly recommended to consult with an urologist about the feasibility of long-term treatment and dosage – perhaps in the presence of concomitant diseases, it will have to be reduced to 10 mg, that is, half a tablet.

In no case should Vidalista 20mg be taken with any narcotic substances, even marijuana. It is also a bad idea to combine this medicine with poppers, as this can lead to unpredictable jumps in blood pressure and severe load on heart.

Is Vidalista 20mg A Prescription Drug?

Vidalista, as well as other PDE-5 inhibitors for combating erectile dysfunction, is a prescription drug in the US, so before buying it you need to visit an urologist and undergo a medical examination to buy Vidalista. However, in the country of origin of this medicine, India, the active substance of Tadalafil is available over the counter, and anyone can buy Vidalista offline or online without any papers from the doctors.

Of course, the need to get a prescription from a doctor forces many men to abandon the idea of acquiring this medicine for impotence. Nevertheless, even if you absolutely don’t want to spend your money and time going to the doctor, or confusion and the desire to protect the privacy of your personal life prevent you from making this step, there is a way to get Vidalista over the counter without breaking the law and not attracting the attention of law enforcement. The main thing is to responsibly treat the purchase, after weighing all the pros and cons of using these pills, because they are not harmless like vitamin complexes or biologically active additives. Detailed information on where and how to buy Vidalista 20mg can be found at the end of this article.

Dosage Options of Vidalista

The most common dosage option of this medication is Vidalista 20 mg. One pill a day containing 20 mg of Tadalafil is enough for treating erectile dysfunction of any etiology and severity. However, purchasing Vidalista 20 mg may seem a little bit too expensive for some customers. They should know that other dosage options of this medication are available as well: Vidalista Professional, Vidalista Black and Vidalista CT 20. Let’s have a closer look at them.

Vidalista Professional is an improved version of ordinary Vidalista. This medicine is presented in form of soft tablets that should be dissolved under the tongue or just in the oral cavity. Each tablet contains 20 mg of Tadalafil. This medicine begins to act almost immediately after application, as the active substance is immediately absorbed into the blood. These pills are dark yellow, slightly elastic to the touch, oval.

Vidalista Black is the most powerful drug to restore potency, because one tablet contains 80 mg of Tadalafil. However, it is strictly forbidden to take the whole pill, it needs to be divided into four parts, if you don’t want to get an overdose and seriously harm your health. The drug is produced in form of oval black pills. It makes sense to buy this medicine if you want to save money, because the cost of one tablet with a dosage of 80 mg is significantly lower than the cost of four Vidalista 20 mg tablets. Vidalista Black has the best price among other dosage forms. However, this dosage form has such a drawback as the impossibility of very accurately measuring of one-fourth of a pill, because your eye can be imperfect, and the pill can crumble.

Vidalista CT 20 mg is represented by bright yellow sweet lozenges for sucking in the mouth. These tablets are very convenient to use discreetly, because they look and smell like the usual refreshing pills. There is no need to drink a pill with water, eating or lack of it also does not matter. Almost immediately after the tablet is completely dissolved, you will be ready for sexual exploits.

No matter what dosage form you would choose, before taking the med, be sure to read the instructions, paying attention to the limitations and contraindications.

Vidalista VS Cialis

Some patients wonder if there are any differences between branded Cialis and a generic drug such as Vidalista. In general, Vidalista 20 mg is the same as Cialis 20 mg, except that it has slightly less side effects. By the power of its action this generic is not inferior to its prototype

If you are already taking Cialis, you can be sure that Vidalista will suit you. If a doctor prescribes you to take Cialis in a dosage of 20 or 10 mg, you can safely replace this medicine with a whole Vidalista tablet or half of it.

By the way, it is likely that in the near future, the manufacturer of Cialis will license its own generics, which is another proof that there are far fewer differences between brand drugs and their counterparts than might seem at first glance.

Vidalista 20 VS Viagra

As it is known, the first place in terms of sales among drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction belongs to Viagra. Let's compare Vidalista with this venerable drug, which occupies a significant segment of the market for pills against impotence.

The active ingredient of Viagra is Sildenafil citrate. It was synthesized earlier than Tadalafil (the main ingredient of Vidalista). One tablet of Viagra contains 25, 50 or 100 mg of Sildenafil citrate.

Clinical studies and practical experience of using show that Viagra stimulates the emergence of erection more strongly than Tadalafil. However, Viagra is characterized by a large number of contraindications and side effects, due to which many even perfectly healthy men refuse to take this drug and are looking for meds that act more gently on the body. No matter how carefully the manufacturer cleans Sildenafil citrate, Tadalafil is easily tolerated without discomfort by a much larger number of patients.

The period during which Viagra works after the intake is on average from four to six hours, while one reception of Vidalista is sufficient for at least a full day, during which it will be easy for a man to achieve a persistent erection.

Viagra can be used only on demand (directly before the sexual act), while Vidalista is often taken in courses, which helps to get rid of impotence once and forever.

Thus, if you don’t pursue the strongest erection at any cost and value the health of your cardiovascular system, Vidalista is the ideal choice for treatment, unlike Viagra.

Side Effects of Vidalista

Judging by the reviews of patients, the side effects after taking Vidalista are rather weakly expressed and do not always appear. If they are still manifested, they usually pass within two to three hours after taking the pill without any specific treatment.

Among the most frequently reported side effects are headache, nasal congestion, muscle pain, dizziness and redness of the skin of the face. Very often, these unpleasant phenomena occur at the beginning of the course of treatment and stop appearing with its regular use.

Please take into consideration that the appearance of sensations such as pain in the chest and arrhythmia are signals to stop taking the drug. If you feel something like this, tell your doctor about it in order to consider the expediency of further treatment with this drug.

Limitations for Use

This medicine is contraindicated for use by patients with severe cardiovascular diseases, such as ischemic heart disease, various types of arrhythmias, heart failure. It is also not recommended to take Vidalista if you suffer from renal or hepatic failure. These pills should be taken with caution if you have anatomical deformations of the penis or a predisposition to priapism. You should not combine Vidalista and drugs containing nitrates, as well as other drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, as it may lead to severe side effects and harm your cardiovascular system.

Buy Vidalista 20 mg Online

For those men who are interested in this drug, information on how to buy Vidalista 20mg in the United States may be helpful. The most convenient way to get Vidalista 20 mg in US is to order these pills online from India. In this case, you can save more than half the cost of the original Cialis when buying it in ordinary offline pharmacies.

It may seem that ordering medicine from abroad is a kind of complicated and lengthy process, but in reality there is nothing difficult about it. All you have to do is choose an Indian online pharmacy that delivers drugs to the United States and place an order for the desired number of pills. Payments are made online via encrypted connections. The overwhelming majority of large Indian online pharmacies have long been successfully delivering generic drugs for treating ED to the US, allowing thousands of men to solve their problems with intimate health.

You can get lowest prices, ordering many pills at once – the price of each pill is inversely related to their quantity in your cart. Please note that the number of tablets you can buy Vidalista is a multiple of ten, as they are sold in blister packs of 10 pieces each.

If you order Vidalista from India, nobody will require a prescription from you, and still you will acquire the medicine absolutely legally.

This article was reviewed by George Abdelsayed, MD

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