Anxiety And Sex

Sex And Panic

This subtitle can seem strange, because sex is mainly associated with joy, but not for everyone. Problems in bed are a hot topic for many men. It is not by chance that in almost every magazine or forum for men you can find a lot of discussion on how to improve your potency, cure erectile dysfunction, and also get rid of anxiety during sex. It happens that all recommendations for improving sexual life are reduced to the need to monitor the health of your cardiovascular system and genital organs, but very often the root of the problems lies in the field of psychology. Self-doubt of a man in his sexual abilities can lead to a weak erection, or even to its complete absence. A panic attack happening to a man during sex often leads to his failure in bed. A panic attack is not only nervous anticipation, but the real disruption of the autonomic nervous system, accompanied by symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, a sharp drop in blood pressure, dizziness, chills, sweating, etc. Naturally, in such circumstances, there is no talk about sex.

As a result of a failure in bed, the man’s anxiety before sex increases and leads to new problems. Thus a vicious circle is formed, which can be broken only by getting rid of the psychological barrier and restoring a strong and stable erection. However, it is not so easy to achieve this as to realize the existence of such a problem.

Why Do Performance Anxiety Happen?

As well as with any other psychological disorder, there are many reasons for the occurrence of performance anxiety. Such a condition may be associated with an unsuccessful first sexual experience and to pursue a young man who is just starting his sex life. It can also occur at a more mature age, triggered by an event that has acted as a psychological trauma for a man. Quite often, long-term stress, for example, associated with hard work, as well as routine sex with a regular partner, has a negative effect on potency. A new partner, the relationship with whom didn’t develop as well as planned, can also cause erection problems. Experienced sexually transmitted diseases or injuries of the genital organs, even completely cured, can also negatively affect male self-esteem and damage potency.

In addition, such objective problems of the reproductive sphere as premature ejaculation, which, in turn, in more than half of the cases are directly related to increased anxiety, can lead to fear of sexual failure.

It happens that a man doesn’t have real problems in bed, but it seems to him that he doesn’t have a sufficiently strong potency – such inflated demands on his body are due to the not always truthful boasting of other men and the images created by the porn industry.

It should not be assumed that anxiety during sex doesn’t need treatment, that it will go away on its own and that there is no need to pay attention to it. Some men wonder, if anxiety can cause ED. Indeed, more than a third of cases of the real erectile dysfunction are of a psychogenic nature and are directly related to panic attacks related with sex.

How To Overcome Anxiety during Sex?

The most common way to deal with panic attacks arising from sex is to work through such situations with a psychologist, optimally a sexologist. Often, several sessions of discussing this problem are enough for a man to feel more confident in his abilities and not to experience such nervous tension which prevents the emergence and maintenance of an erection. It is important to note that when solving the problem of panic during sex with methods of psychotherapy, it is important that a man has mutual understanding with his partner, that it is teamwork, not just secret meetings of man with a psychologist.

However, all cases are individual, and this method is not for everyone. Someone doesn’t trust a stranger enough, even if he/she a specialist, for somebody else all these conversations and techniques of auto-suggestion in general turn out to be useless, not talking about the situation when simple nervousness turns into real problems with potency.

If attempts to convince yourself that there is nothing to worry about before sex, and that your girlfriend is most likely not going to make fun of you in case of a failure, but is herself embarrassed and afraid to appear inexperienced or to do something wrong, turned out to be useless, then you will have to resort to specialized medicines.

ED Anxiety Medications

For drug treatment of anxiety during sex, urologists recommend the use of PDE-5 inhibitors, the main indication for which is erectile dysfunction. These medications are sold in pills and are known to most of the male population of the globe – it is enough to mention drugs such as Viagra and Cialis, and it will become clear how common they are.

The advantage of this method of treatment is that in order to increase a man’s confidence in sexual power, quite small doses of these drugs are needed, and over time, the tablets can be completely abandoned.

It is difficult to name the best ED drug for combating performance anxiety, because each individual has his own preferences – some consider Cialis with its mild action a better option, some tend to use stronger Viagra, while men who complain about too short sexual acts prefer Levitra. Besides these meds, their cheaper and not less effective generics manufactured in various countries are available.

This method of treatment is accessible to all, since it doesn’t require serious financial expenditures, and if you wish, you can do without even receiving a prescription from a doctor. Even a single intake of pill of the PDE-5 inhibitor before a sexual intercourse provides an instant result – a persistent erection and a successful sexual act, which allows you to receive positive emotions from sex and not fall into despondency and self-searching. Pills provide a stronger and longer-lasting erection than the one you naturally have, which makes you feel more sexually attractive, wanted and self-assured.

To the vast majority of men, these medicines help to restore a normal sexual life and make forget about nervousness at the sight of a naked girl. Do not hesitate to take Viagra, Cialis or other pills to restore potency if you are a virgin and you have the first sexual intercourse – as the most responsible and exciting in life, it should be perfect. Then it will become a solid foundation for further sexual exploits. And if you need some help, because you are tired or in a bad mood, then the pill will help you stay on top despite these circumstances.

However, you should not rush to the pharmacy and buy drugs to increase potency as soon as you suspect that you are suffering from anxiety or panic attacks associated with sex. PDE-5 inhibitors are quite serious drugs with a number of side effects, contraindications and restrictions for use, which should be considered when selecting the med and determining the appropriate dosage for you. Be sure to carefully read the instructions, especially given the fact that now it can easily be found online.

This article was reviewed by George Abdelsayed, MD