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On this website, high-quality and relevant information materials about drugs and other methods of treating various diseases are contained.

What Is Our Goal?

Our goal is to conduct an examination of various methods of treating the most common diseases and providing advice to people given in simple and understandable language. In our judgments and advice, we rely on the expert opinions of qualified doctors, as well as pharmacists, manufacturers and suppliers of different medicines, who know a lot about the features of the products they deal with.

Why Will It Be Interesting to You?

Questions concerning our health are the most important in life, because neither wealth, nor travelling, nor tasty food please you if you are ill. However, when faced with any discomfort and alarming symptoms, few people immediately go to the doctor. If you know what disease you have, then on our website you can familiarize yourself with various treatment protocols, compare them and determine which one is best for you.

In addition, using the information provided on our website, you can check the prescriptions made by your doctor, and if the recommended medicine is not for sale in your country, select its high-quality analogs.

We hope that the materials on our website will allow you to get a kind of “second opinion of the doctor”, freeing you from having to visit an additional specialist. Besides, the doctor you came to may be in a hurry, not very experienced, or you yourself may misunderstand his recommendations. Here you are not limited in time, you don’t have to spend your money and you can calmly and thoughtfully analyze the information which of interest to you both about your disease and about the methods of its treatment.

We provide a detailed description of more than 150 diseases and pathological conditions of the organims, indicating their causes, symptoms and methods of treatment. Our resource is useful not only to patients suffering from this or that disease, but also to medical students and just to everyone who is interested in medicine and pharmacology.

Useful Instruments

In addition to data on the treatment of various diseases, we provide many convenient tools for health monitoring. At your service there is a symptom-checking service, which in some cases will be able to replace a full-fledged visit to a doctor; search for drugs to eliminate certain symptoms (for example, nausea); a counter of calories and nutritional value of products, as well as a separate section with recipes for healthy and tasty dishes.

Legislative Issues

Anyone who has ever faced the need to treat more or less serious illness knows that legislation in the field of medicine and pharmacology is very different in various countries and may cause problems to the patient. On www.worldmedicalguide.com we consider the most common legislative aspects related to treatment abroad, medical errors, the purchase of drugs outside the US, their transportation across state borders, the nuances of prescription and non-prescription release of drugs from the pharmacies, etc. A separate section is devoted to health insurance: the distinction between different programs, their positive and negative sides.

Valuing Your Trust

We really appreciate the trust of our users. You can be sure that all the information on this website – tips, articles on medical topics, reviews of drugs, etc. – is compiled on the basis of works of reliable specialists, for example, scientific articles published in serious journals, and have nothing in common with the unprofessional content of most of the resources devoted to taking care of one’s health. All publications are edited by professional journalists working in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals.

We constantly update all materials, reporting on new developments, standards and norms of treatment and diagnostics. The “News” section is updated almost every day.

Please note that we never publish hidden advertising. All advertising content that provides us with the necessary finances for maintaining and expanding the site is marked by a bright frame and is signed as advertising. If you wish, you can hide it using the ad blocker in your browser.

Convenient Use

For the convenience of users, we have made our site fully adaptive – it is equally convenient to use it both on a desktop or laptop computer, and on a tablet or smartphone. All functions (registration, search, commenting, etc.) are available without restrictions for all devices.

Using the search on our website, pay attention to the availability of filters by sections, keywords and date, which are designed to facilitate the display of content that best suits your search.

All our materials are available completely free of charge and without registration. The only bonus that registration gives you is the opportunity to comment on various publications that are open to discussion.

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