Levitra Dosage Guidance

One of the most important moments when taking any medication against erectile dysfunction is the correctly calculated dosage. In this article we will determine the normal dosage of Levitra – the second most popular medicine for combating potency problems in the US.

levitra bayerThe instructions for use always contain detailed Levitra dosage information, however, it is often difficult for patients to decide which of the proposed options suits them best. In order to clarify the situation, it is necessary to understand the difference between typical dosage of Levitra, Levitra for daily use dosage, Levitra starting dosage and so on.

Giving answer to the question, what’s the best dosage of Levitra, we should emphasize that the recommendations presented in this article are general tips for an average patient. To accurately determine proper dosage for Levitra, it is strongly recommended to consult an urologist and pass a medical examination for clarifying severity of erectile dysfunction and identifying possible limitations for use of the drug because of accompanying illnesses or drugs that you take along with Levitra.

The main active substance of Levitra is Vardenafil. It is the amount of this substance in one pill that determines its effectiveness. Levitra effective dose starts at 5 mg. Branded Levitra dose forms include 5, 10 and 20 mg pills. Levitra common dosage preferred by most patients is 10 mg. If we are talking about generics, the list of Levitra dosages available is much longer.

Levitra Dosage Forms

As we have already mentioned, Levitra is produced by its branded manufacturer, German pharmaceutical company Bayer AG. Available Levitra dosage options are 5, 10 and 20 mg of Vardenafil in one pill.

Levitra 20 mg dosage is a reliable solution for cases of severe erectile dysfunction. Dosing directions for Levitra 20 mg claim that this form is a good option for periodic taking on demand, when a man rarely seeks help for this medicine, and needs to get a tangible effect as quickly as possible. Taking 20 mg of Levitra daily is usually not recommended by urologists, because regular use of such large dosages of this drug is fraught with too much stress on the kidneys and liver, and this is not very good for the heart either.

10 mg of Levitra is the most common dosage, a kind of “golden mean”, a balanced ratio of efficacy and safety. At such a dose, Levitra can be taken quite often, in some cases even daily, with one tablet containing enough Vardenafil to help to restore potency in most cases.

The smallest available dosage of Levitra, 5 mg per pill, is most often used either for daily use, or when a man doesn’t suffer from serious disorders of potency, but periodically needs the support of this medication, for example, after a hard working day, heavy physical exertion, nervous tension, or before first sex with a new partner.

5 mg daily dosage Levitra has proven to be effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in courses lasting from two weeks to three months. The duration of treatment should be prescribed by the urologist, but in fact most men independently determine for themselves the optimal duration of Levitra intake.

Sometimes patients meet with other dosage forms of Levitra, like 40 mg per pill. But what is Levitra 40 mg and is it different from the branded drug? In this dosage not the original medicine manufactured by Bayer AG is produced, but various generics of Levitra that are manufactured by other companies. However, their composition is equal to the one of the branded medication. Pills in such a large dosage are not intended to be taken entirely, they must be divided into at least two parts. This form of release allows you to save on the price of each tablet a substantial amount of money. Remember that if you wonder, can I take more than 20 mg of Levitra per day, the answer is strictly negative. This can lead to overdose and negative consequences for health.

It happens that a man acquired Levitra at a dosage of 10 mg, but he was not satisfied with one pill to achieve the desired result. In this case, the question may arise: can I take 2 10mg Levitra pills? There is one nuance here. If it has been some time after taking a 10 mg pill, then it is not recommended to take the second one. Meanwhile, you can take two tablets at once, it will be equivalent to one pill of 20 mg. However, this is not very profitable, because the larger the dosage of one pill is, the cheaper it is, and if you need to take 20 mg of Vardenafil, it is better to buy Levitra in dosage of 20 or 40 mg.

By the by, you can split Levitra 20 mg pill if your average dose of Levitra is 10 mg. If you prefer to buy a brand-name drug, this will allow you to reduce the cost of one dose.

On the shelves of online drugstores there can be found also Levitra 60 mg. Is Levitra 60 mg safe? Tablets in this dosage can only be used divided into three or four parts, obtaining Levitra 20 or Levitra 15 mg. Don’t divide Vardenafil at a dosage of 60 mg into two parts! 30 mg of the active substance is too large a dosage, the reception of which may harm your body, and instead of improving your potency you will have problems with your heart or at least severe headache. 60 milligram Levitra is not the branded drug, only generic manufacturers release this dosage option.

The Minimum And Maximum Dose of Levitra, The Effects of Overdose

Levitra minimum dosage is 5 mg, this is sufficient for the treatment of erectile dysfunction that is beginning or not very pronounced. 5 mg pills are a good solution in case of nervousness or fatigue.

Maximum Levitra dosage to be taken at once is 20 mg. Such high dose of Levitra is used as a salvage therapy for severe erectile dysfunction, when taken daily or regularly. It can be also taken on demand, rarely, and then it acts as a strong remedy which allows to quickly achieve good erection. This is maximum safe dose of Levitra, but still it has some limitations for use. So, elderly men should be careful taking highest dosage of Levitra, as well as patients with compensated cardiovascular diseases, hypertension or hypotension. Men suffering from chronic gastritis or gastric ulcer in remission shouldn’t take such a large dosage of the medication on an empty stomach.

Despite the wide availability and fame, drugs containing Vardenafil, can’t be called harmless. It is necessary to comply with the recommendations given in the instructions, and sensitively listen to your own reaction to the drug. Levitra overdose effects include the following:

  • symptoms of a heart attack – chest pain, in particular, extending to the jaw or shoulder, heaviness in the chest, breathlessness;
  • nausea, diarrhea, cold sweat;
  • distortion of visual perception or sudden loss of vision;
  • painful erection, as well as an erection lasting more than 4 hours
  • in case of a serious overdose, loss of consciousness may occur.

Overdose can lead to failure of the kidneys or liver, especially if these organs of a man work not very well. It can also lead to an attack of acute heart failure, heart attack or stroke, and the risk of these terrible consequences increases many times if a man takes an overdose of medication along together with alcohol.

Can I Double My Dose Of Levitra?

Consider whether you can take more than one pill at a time or a day. He worries a lot of men who feel that the dosage taken is not enough to achieve a strong erection.

Taking Levitra twice a day is strictly prohibited, even if we are talking about pills containing 5 mg of active ingredient. Levitra is not intended to be taken more than once per day due to the nature of absorption of the active substance and its elimination from the organism.

If you took a too low dosage, you will have to wait until the next day and only then adjust it by taking two pills containing 5 or 10 mg of Vardenafil in a row, or one pill with a higher dosage. What happens if you take Levitra twice in a row, almost without any pause between them? They will act as one pill with a double dosage, that’s all. You will not feel any difference between taking two Levitra tablets of 10 mg each and one tablet with a dosage of 20 mg.

As for taking double dose of Levitra concerning 20 mg x 2, this is impermissible, since it is just an overdose of the drug.

Cutting Levitra Pills in Half

It is not surprising that if you acquired Levitra in a large dosage (20 mg, sometimes 10 mg), you may decide that it is too much because of excessively pronounced side effects or difficulty in achieving orgasm. Then the question arises, can you split a Levitra pill? Since this medicine is produced in the form of film-coated tablets rather than capsules, this possibility exists, even though it is not provided for by the manufacturer. On Levitra pills there is no guide line for division into two parts, but you can rely on the inscription “LEVITRA” on one side of the pill, which divides it into two parts. Levitra can’t be crushed without the help of a knife, it’s pretty hard.

Taking half a Levitra pill, note that it is almost impossible to achieve a perfectly accurate dosage, it will differ from the one existing in the manufacturer’s range by at least 1 mg. When you divide a 20 mg pill, it is not very important, but if you want to get two tablets from one with a dosage of 10 mg, the resulting half may not be exactly a half, containing a too small dosage and not effectively enhancing the erection.

Levitra 0,5 pill should be stored in a dry and dark place during maximum five days due to the fact that it is impossible to ensure the impermeability of its packaging.

Levitra Everyday Use

Levitra wasn’t intended by the manufacturer to be a medicine for everyday use, and urologists recommended taking the pills “on demand”, that is, only on those days when you have sex, shortly before it. However, “Levitra daily” studies conducted in recent years have shown that Levitra’s daily intake is more effective in severely pronounced erectile dysfunction. Such a schedule significantly improves the blood supply to the penis, which is important not only directly during sex.

Recommended Levitra daily use dosage is 5 mg, but if you feel that you need more for normalizing your potency, you can resort to 10 mg. Quite often, unpleasant side effects that occur when you take Levitra first or second time, disappear with longer use.

Taking Levitra daily, monitor the reaction of your organism to the medicine. If you feel that dose you take is more than enough for you, it’s a single to reduce it, and sometime later you will be able to do without this ED drug at all.

This article was reviewed by George Abdelsayed, MD