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We live in a modern world where, fortunately, the level of medicine has increased significantly, and it has become a reality to cure many diseases for which there were no effective drugs in the past. One such condition is erectile dysfunction (ED). Today, it is effectively treated with drugs from the group of PDE-5 inhibitors. The most common of these is Viagra. It was this medicine that was the very first remedy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, which had proven efficacy and was safe for health, subject to the recommendations from the instructions for use.

However, despite the fact that the fight against erectile dysfunction today is a common task, we should not forget that a quarter of a century has not passed since the creation of Viagra. And the collective consciousness is extremely slow to adapt to everything new. Therefore, men who need to take Viagra to improve their potency are very often captivated by fears of society: what will other buyers think when they see that I buy Viagra in a pharmacy? I'll show the pharmacist and the customers in line that I'm impotent? That I can't please my wife? That old age overtook me before I had the first gray hair? What if my neighbors, colleagues or distant relatives are in line? Men are afraid to blush or stumble, calling the medicine they need. They speak too quietly or deliberately loudly. All these unpleasant situations today can be easily avoided by turning to the help of online pharmacies.

Buying Viagra online, you avoid unnecessary stress, save your time and money. Yes, because in online pharmacies the prices for drugs to increase potency are significantly lower than in ordinary local pharmacies. In addition, there is a high probability that, having become acquainted with this modern way of buying drugs, you will find that more than attractive prospects open up for you to get acquainted with the global market for Viagra generics, which are overwhelmingly represented in the assortment of online pharmacies. Forget about embarrassment in the queue at the pharmacy, buy Viagra online and feel like a confident man, ready for sex exploits.

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What is generic Viagra? Surely every man who has difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection and resorting to such a reliable and time-tested drug as Viagra has heard that in addition to the branded drug produced by the American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, there are other versions of it, the so-called generics. They are full-fledged analogues of the prototype drug. This means that they have exactly the same effect on the male body as the original medicine, because they contain the same active substance - Sildenafil citrate. It is it that is responsible for improving erection (and, of course, its dosage), and what color and shape the pill is, what size it is and how beautiful the packaging is sold - these are just marketing tricks.

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Most urologists recommend starting treatment for erectile dysfunction with an initial dose of 50 mg Sildenafil citrate orally once a day approximately 1 hour before sexual activity, and if necessary, increase it to 100 mg. For some patients, it is enough to take a Viagra tablet at a dosage of 25 mg to achieve the effect. However, the most common and popular option is 100 mg, especially if you are not sure which dosage is best for you - 50 or 100 mg. The fact is that at a dosage of 100 mg the price of the drug is lower than at a dosage of 50 mg. And if 50 mg is enough for you, you can always easily split one tablet into two parts.

When buying generic Viagra 100 mg online, do not forget the following life hack: the more pills you buy in one order, the lower the price of each of them will be. This rule is especially true for online pharmacies selling Indian and Canadian-made medicines.

It is recommended to take one pill 40-60 minutes before the intercourse. Generic Viagra can be used only once a day, the maximum dosage is 100 mg. It is best to drink the medicine with plain water. It is not a problem if you use Viagra 100 mg on a daily basis with an active sex life, if your body tolerates the active substance well and you do not experience severe side effects. The main thing - do not drink alcohol and do not combine Viagra with other means to improve potency.

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Pfizer, the maker of branded Viagra, is not too happy that the same drug is available to consumers, just it is a generic at a lower price. Since the USA is the birthplace of the original Viagra, despite the fact that the patent protection for Viagra expired in 2018 (if you adhere to the strictest deadlines), cheap generics of this drug are vanishingly rare on the shelves of ordinary pharmacies. US pharmaceutical legislation is completely on the side of Big Pharma, and in pharmacies there are mainly "lobbied" generics, mostly Israeli-made, to which Pfizer gave the go-ahead. These include generic Viagra from Teva. Even though they are still cheaper than a brand-name drug, they cause a huge number of much more affordable options to pass by the buyers. So, among men who value European quality, very inexpensive generics of Viagra produced in Slovenia and Hungary are very popular. Many consumers note that they are well tolerated by the body, as manufacturers pay great attention to the thorough purification of the active substance.

Men who appreciate the speed of delivery and the quality of medicines prefer the Canadian versions of Viagra generics, especially since they are even more affordable than those made in Europe. And because the United States and Canada share a common border, Canadian online pharmacies deliver medicines to end consumers more than quickly. There are also no problems with payment due to the same currency for both countries.

Those men who are ready to spend the minimum possible amount on Viagra generics, but do not want to sacrifice quality (health is above all!), Should pay attention to Indian-made Sildenafil Citrate. Indian pharmaceutical companies are the engine of progress in this country, and almost none of the consumers complains about the quality of generics produced even by relatively small companies, not to mention large ones that have a solid weight in the global pharmaceutical market.

Indian generics of Viagra are affordable prices, high quality, complete identity with the original medicine. In this case, you can choose either traditional pills, which are completely similar to Viagra produced in America, or more exotic options, such as oral gel sachets or soft tablets that have to be dissolved in the mouth. In any case, Indian generics of Viagra meet generally accepted standards, and also have high bioavailability and stability of the active ingredient.

All Indian generic manufacturers have the necessary official documents that give permission for the use of original technological processes in the manufacture of drugs. Medicines meet the high quality standards adopted in Europe and the USA. An important role in this is played by the orientation of Indian pharmaceuticals to the world market with regulation by acts at the international level.